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Full-scale version of ESCO coming soon

20 June 2017

The European Commission is now preparing the release of ESCO v1, expected for mid-2017. To ensure that ESCO continues being fit for purpose after its release in 2013, the Commission services have developed a continuous improving process which includes several steps, methods and actors.

This new version of the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) is the result of a strong cooperation between the European Commission (EC) with public and private stakeholders to test the ESCO classification in pilot projects. Through these pilot projects, valuable feedback has been collected on a pre-release version of the ESCO v1. Stakeholders who piloted the new version were chosen among the stakeholders who expressed interested to carry out such task via a call for expression of interest published by the EC in February 2017. Pilot projects included cases such as job search and job matching, career guidance, HR management and big data analyses. 

The reference version of the ESCO was translated into 26 languages. A consultation was also opened for EU Members States to get feedback on these language versions.

The European Commission will release the ESCO v1 by mid-2017.

ESCO v1 is the first full-scale ESCO version, unlike its previous versions which have versioning numbers starting with 0 (ESCO v0 - ESCO v0.1 - ESCO v0.2 - ESCO v0.8 - ESCO v0.9). The content of the classification has been entirely re-developed.

ESCO v1 will follow a three pillar approach and it will contain around 3,000 occupations, 13,500 knowledge, skill and competence concepts and a framework for the qualifications pillar. ESCO v1 will be available in 26 languages.


More information (and soon the ESCO V1) available at 

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