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Notes from Paolo Vercesi, eCF Council project coordinator

16 December 2016

Our first project year has passed by. First, let’s thank the partnership and EACEA for their cooperative support.

During the first Transnational Meeting – held in Sofia in June 2016 – our partnership discussed the first two main project outcomes: the definition of the ICT professional Transnational Frame and of a Reference Scheme for ICT-related VET. Part of the Meeting focused on planning the next step: develop two Learning Units sets made of the 15 eCF e-competences identified as most relevant by 100 stakeholders surveyed at the beginning of the project.

The team dealing with the first set of 6 e-competences worked very hard, making use of focus groups and online meetings.

From October to December 2016 the project quality procedures were implemented, new useful tools delivered and the submission of the EQAVET model started, in order to guide the design, at a later stage, of the eCF Alliance Training programme. The eCF Alliance Steering Committee defined the governance model in line with the Quality standards set.

2017 will be a challenging year. We need to invest our best efforts to support the partners involved in the development of the competences training platform. We will also organise five national workshops, gathering relevant stakeholders and collecting feedback. We will continue to involve industry and listen to its needs.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and build the online platform, the eCF Council internal engine able to ignite the spark on the eCF 3.0 implementation!

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