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Project update: The pilots

21 June 2017

The concrete aim of the eCF Alliance is to offer an online training and reach out to potential users. The success of project depends on the ability of users to find and access relevant and high quality learning material.

As of July the Alliance will provide an online platform ( that will enable users and trainers to find and select the right courseware for their needs. The partners involved in work package 5 (WP5 – Joint Vocational Qualification Design and Pilot Implementation) have been working on a number of IT profiles and course content in the past months and will continue to do so during the next year. At the moment the 6 competence profiles that were chosen to be developed first are ready to be launched. 

The online platform will be a Learning Management System which aims to support trainees with a set of free and open external content for each of the European e-Competence Framework competences that are going to be included in the training.

In September 2017 in a number of countries we will start the training pilot phase. The first feedback from users is expected in early 2018.

The course will be offered during pilots using a blended approach and will be linked to the eCF competence framework. Each trainee will acquire a specific set of skills at the end of each learning unit they have chosen to follow.

An assessment toolkit to guide the trainers and users is under development in collaboration with EXIN. It will be available soon after the first pilots.


A number of issues related to the online course remain challenging, such as how certification will work in different countries and for different skills levels.

For more information, please contact: 

Herman van Bolhuis, biTa Center

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