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Notes from Paolo Vercesi, eCF Alliance project coordinator

30 June 2017

The eCF Alliance project reached its half-way point. After 18 months we are now ready to feed the web-platform with training contents and enlarge the eCF Alliance. The first set of Learning units has been delivered; now it is time for the second set and to share our vision through national workshops and seminars. It is also time to create a learners' community.


So many meetings with partners and work have been done, a new ESCO reference framework is about to be released and the European e-Competence Framework 4.0 is under development, but the goals of the eCF Alliance remain the same: develop of a common reference scheme for joint qualifications and assessment to enable ICT skilled professionals’ and workers’ mobility, via recognized and joint ICT VET programmes and certifications eCF 3.0 based. This remains a new and original approach.

Let’s take another step towards the European Digital Single Market, whose success also depends on a high-level commitment to standardisation through multi-stakeholders initiatives. That’s why the eCF Alliance  welcomes enterprises, educators, VET providers, sectoral associations and ICT professionals to join our community and invites them to benefit from our training tools.

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