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The digital skills gap – facts and figures

20 October 2017

New factsheet on the digital skills gap released by the European Commission

The European Commission has published on 19 October a comprehensive factsheet on the digital skills gaps. The factsheet summarises existing data on the topic and highlights that in the future 9 in 10 jobs will demand digital skills. At the same time 44% of Europeans are still lacking basic digital skills.

Disparities between member states are relevant: on one side there are countries such as Luxembourg and Denmark where around 80% of the population has basic digital skills; on the other, states like Romania and Bulgaria that show a digital skills basic literacy of less than 30%.

Initiatives to equip Europeans with skills are also highlighted, including the EU’s Upskilling Pathways initiative, which enables low-skilled adults to acquire digital skills; the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, which calls Members States, companies and social partners to action, and the Digital Opportunity Traineeship Scheme, which will help 6,000 students get experience in ICT fields.

The factsheet also collects success stories.

The factsheet can be downloaded from the website of the European Commission.


For a comprehensive collection of digital skills initiatives, check out this repository put together by the European Commission:  

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