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More e-Competence Learning Units released

6 December 2017

The COUNCIL developed four new Learning Unit sets related to the following e-competences, as defined in the European e-Competence Framework:

  • A.3 – Business Plan Development

  • A.9 – Innovating

  • B.6 – Systems Engineering

  • C.4 – Problem Management


Exploiting and fine-tuning the model validated for the previous six competences, the consortium translated each e-competence into a set of Learning Units (LUs) that are described in terms of knowledge and skills, learning outcomes, learning contents and evidences needed in order to prove the achievement of the learning outcomes.

Five more LUs Sets will be available shortly, thus fulfilling the final goal of covering fifteen e-competence as pursed by the project WP4 – Learning Unit Set.

Italy and the other partner countries have been organising since October focus groups with experts and potential users in order to validate and submit the first LUs set results. Feedback was overall positive. Some valuable recommendations for improvements have been included in updated versions of the LU Sets.

The Project key partners (FPM - Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, leading the whole Project and specifically Work Package 4, Adfor, bITa, Cefriel, ESICEE, UAH) are now working to establish common guidelines for the assessment of competences.

The same partners are involved in WP5 – Joint Vocational Qualification Design and Pilot implementation, the next step in the project. The learning materials on the e-Competences “A.7 Technology Trend Monitoring”, “B.3 Testing” and “E.8 Information Security Management” are already available in the COUNCIL learning platform, as referent open educational resources (OER) for the first pilot training sessions. During the next weeks the partnership will release more OERs and will test them during face-to-face and interactive sessions with end users. The results and the feedback collected will be a precious source for consolidating the learning materials as well as the LU Sets.

Access our learning platform here.

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