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Wide dissemination for the eCF Alliance 

11 December 2017

The eCF Alliance was presented by Luis Fernández-Sanz from the Universidad de Alcalá during the IT Professionalism Europe event celebrated in Brussels on 5 October 2017.  Approximately 20 members of the IT Professionalism Europe network gathered in a roundtable discussion on the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) in practice. The event brought together key stakeholders from the European Commission, industry, non-governmental organisations and academia for an exchange of experience of using the e-CF, and to discuss challenges and potential ways of cooperation to support the cause of IT professionalism. Participants agreed that a considerable degree of the e-CF's success depends on how it is marketed to private organisations and whether they adopt it. More info as well as the presentations can be found at:


The eCF Alliance was also presented at the Spanish National Meeting of University CIOs (CRUE- TIC) on 27 October by Luis Fernández-Sanz. Our Spanish partner talked about the European e-competence framework as well as introduced the eCF Alliance project. More info on the event: A recording of the session is available at: Presentations:


The Spanish partners have also started piloting the online course on the e-competence B.3 "Software testing" on 31 October. They held a first introductory session with 90 students who registered for the course. Students who will complete the course and pass the final evaluation will receive a certificate of completion approved by the consortium and also a long-life learning diploma by University of Alcalá (curso de extensión universitaria). The course is 8-week long and comprises four online sessions, three face-to-face ones and a final face-to-face evaluation session. The website of the course is available at:

For more information, please contact:

Luis Fernández-Sanz, Universidad de Alcalá

In the past months, the eCF Alliance has been presented in several occasions by our Spanish partner Universidad de Alcalá 

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