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Notes from Paolo Vercesi, eCF Council project coordinator

11 December 2017

In November, our eCF Council entered its third and last year.

This phase will be the most active and exciting one: our courses are finally piloted in several countries. Our pilot trainings are the first in Europe to be fully e-competences based. Some trainings have already ended, some are ongoing and others are planned.


External stakeholders are showing interest in using the eCF Alliance platform and in integrating our online contents within their course paths. A great result for the partnership who is paving the way for the project sustainability.


The second transnational meeting, which took place in Alcalá during the summer, focused on setting up an agreed process for the assessment and certification of the e-competences acquired. A demanding challenge, which we managed to overcome, giving our contribution to increasing the relevance of VET standards for IT professionals’ mobility in the Digital Single Market.


I wish the partnership and all readers a Merry Christmas and a happy, productive New year!

Paolo Vercesi

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