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Top European experts joining the Stakeholder Committee

12 December 2017

Top European experts specializing in ICT skills have joined the ECF Alliance’s Stakeholder Committee to advise the consortium on further developments of the project 

Numerous experts were contacted by the project’s partners and asked to provide their valuable feedback on project’s deliverables and future exploitation scenarios.

The external stakeholders who support the Alliance represent three main categories of stakeholders who are engaged with ICT skills in Europe: VET providers, regulatory bodies, and sectoral organisations of ICT professionals or businesses that are in need of such professionals. The Stakeholder Committee now includes experts such as Fiona Fanning, Andrea Parola (EeSA - European e-Skills Association), Austeja Trinkunaite and Axel Berggren O’Young (CEPIS - Council of European Professional Informatics Societies), Mary Cleary (ICS - Irish Computer Society), Francesca Bonazzoli, Saverio Pescuma (Istituto per lo sviluppo della formazione professionale dei lavoratori), Laurentiu Bunescu (All Digital), Alejandro Debenedet (ITWNET), Yanko Iliev (TEZA Ltd). In addition to representing different stakeholder categories, project’s external stakeholders were also selected to represent different European regions.

External experts will work together with other stakeholders from the project consortium in order to evaluate the main outcomes of the project, its relevance to the market and practical applicability in different working sectors of the key stakeholders’ categories. After the life-spam of the project, the Stakeholder Committee will evolve into a stakeholder authority that will steer the e-CF Alliance and to whom policy makers, European Commission and other interested parties will refer to.

In the past few months, external stakeholders were asked to provide their feedback on one of the project’s milestone deliverables – the methodology that project partners have been using for the development of the Learning Units for the selected eCF competences (WP4). They have also provided their insights on the potential sustainability and post-project exploitation ideas developed under WP9.

In 2018, project partners plan to work even closer with ICT skills’ experts to further strengthen the Stakeholder’s Committee, and to ask them evaluate developed learning materials, and the learning platform.

The project consortium is grateful to these experts for their interest in and input to the project!


If you work with ICT skills and believe you could strengthen the project’s Stakeholder Committee, contact Justina Bieliauskaite

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