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National Workshops in Italy

12 December 2017

The eCF Alliance dissemination activities include the organisation of a number of national workshops, where relevant national stakeholders are gathered and introduced to the project.

Two national workshops have already taken place in Italy.


The first Italian workshop took place at Politecnico of Milan on 1 June 2017. Around 200 people attended the event, all students form the ICT engineering School at Politecnico di Milano. During the first part of the meeting, our project leader FPM informed  the attendants of the meaning of ‘competence frameworks’ and how they can help them complete their training and connect to the job market.

Then, the e-CF Council coordinator spent some time to explain what is new in the e-CF Alliance project approach, and introduce the students to the online course developed by the partnership.

A survey about the importance of VET and of e-competences has been submitted by means of a web survey via EUSurvey. The survey assessed the students’ awareness about the e-CF 3.0, their opinion on the relevance of the e-CF training and their needs and preferences for each e-competence and for each learning unit in the first set of 6 e-competences.


The second Italian workshop took place at Politecnico of Milano on 9 October 2017. Co-organised by FPM and FIOM, the event was attended by more than 20 enterprise training experts. The other two Italian project partners, Adfor and CAN, were also present. The topics discussed were: the relationship between Vocational Education and Training (VET) and competences frameworks (mainly e-CF3.0);  and the second set of learning units, currently under development. Important feedback was gathered and the training experts showed interest in joining the Alliance as external stakeholders.

Below are some photos of the second workshop.

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