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Third eCF Council transnational meeting

1 June 2018

On 21 and 22 March, all partners of the eCF Alliance project got together in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands, hosted by bITa Center.

During the transnational meeting, all partners got the chance to update the consortium on their progress in implementing their responsibilities towards the project, and discuss the way forward.

Up until that moment, The Council had developed fifteen learning unit sets related to the fifteen e-competences  (as defined in the European e-Competence Framework) identified at the beginning of the project as particularly relevant to businesses. Learning materials related to six of those e-competence had already been made available on the Council’s free online training platform and piloted with over a hundred students and ICT professionals in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The results and the feedback collected represent a valuable foundation for consolidating the learning materials in their final version.

Relevant discussions include the planning of the final conference, to be held in Brussels on 11 October, credit assignment, online platform IPR and consistency issues, and the sustainability of the community of trainees with certified throughout the project duration.​

No guest speaker was eventually available to attend the meeting, therefore, the discussion on Market for VET and Certification for enterprises only took place among the Partners.

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