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Notes from Paolo Vercesi, eCF Council project coordinator

12 June 2018

Our eCF Council experience is entering its ending phase. In the past six months, the Partnership developed two sets of learning units and discussed, during the Third transnational meeting in Bloemendal (NL), the strategy to translate learning units into online courses. Such discussions revealed that different institutions have different perspectives towards contents, credits evaluation and learning outcomes. Until now, more than one hundred trainees have been certified after having completed their pilot training experience.

The European Commission has recently announced the investment of €9.2 billion on a Digital Europe programme. Part of the investment, €700 million, will be addressed to ensure that the workforce will have the opportunity to acquire digital skills through long-and short-term training courses and on-the-job traineeships, regardless of their Member State of residence. We welcome this news and hope that the methodology and tools identified by the eCF Alliance will be further developed and scaled-up to foster ICT professionalism in Europe. In addition, Works on the European e-competence framework 4.0 are ongoing.

Our main challenge at this point of the project is to ensure that our experience is replicable, scalable and sustainable in the next years.

I wish the partnership and all readers a sunny summer!

Paolo Vercesi

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