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Updates on National Workshops

 18 June 2018 

Supporting specialised skills development: Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity for SMEs is a two-year initiative, initiated by the European Commission and managed by a consortium of Capgemini Consulting, Technopolis Group and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance

This initiative will develop a vision, roadmap and monitoring mechanism that can help SMEs in their e-skills development.
A series of expert workshops are organised within the context of this initiative to validate findings and to collect input for the design of a shared vision on skills development for SMEs.


The first workshop was held in Brussels on 6 June 2018. Preliminary findings of the data collection were presented, an initial shared vision was discussed as well as possible lines of action. Whoever has the relevant expertise in skills development, and is interested in attending the upcoming expert workshops should visit: 

In addition, SME facing the skills gap or the ones having good experience in hiring skilled people, and experts can contribute to the policy recommendations and formulation of the vision for skills development. 


Take few minutes and share your experience by filling in this survey here and help gain insights on how SMEs apply the new technologies, what skills they need, and what challenges they face. 

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