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Updates on the National Workshops

 18 June 2018 

The eCF Alliance dissemination activities include the organisation of a number of national workshops, where national stakeholders are gathered and introduced to the project.

During the past year, the partnership organised several workshops in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. 

Two workshops were organised in Italy by the eCF Alliance project leader, Politecnico of Milan. Information on these workshops was included in the previous edition of the eCF Newsletter.
An additional workshop was organised in Italy by CEFRIEL. The event took place at Italtel, Milan, on 31 May 2017. 15 people attended the event, all employees of Italtel S.p.A. who followed the project course in Information Security Management. During the meeting, our partner CEFRIEL presented the educational paths oriented to the “information security management” competency” according the eCF framework and shared the results of a survey run to identify students’ consciousness about eCF 3.0 and about training competence based. After the presentation, the participants filled a questionnaire about the specific competence needs linked to their roles and about the importance of VET.

A Spanish meeting with HR and Unions’ VET responsibles took place at UAH on 14 December 2017. The meeting was attended by 80 people: IT professionals (employees and unemployed), students of the sector, IT companies, universities, centers and training entities, as well as public bodies specialized in training. In the first place, an explanation was given on the competency frameworks in Spain and specifically in the ICT sector, by representatives of the National Institute of Qualifications and the European University of Madrid. The Spanish partners of the eCF Council project were responsible for explaining the new European competency frameworks (e-CF and ESCO) and the e-CF Council project: their objectives, participants, actions, focusing on showing the B3Testing competition, their occupation profile, learning path and the development of the pilot course. At the end of the presentation, the participants filled out a questionnaire.

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