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Spanish testing pilot course

 18 June 2018 

The three Spanish partners, UAH, DG “Formacion Comunidad de Madrid and CCOO Servicios organised a testing pilot course which ran from 31 October 2017 to 18 January 2018.

The three Spanish partners, UAH, DG “Formacion Comunidad de Madrid and CCOO Servicios, were involved in the recruitment of the ITC professionals, recruiting students from University of Alcalá, students from the Training Centre of Comunidad de Madrid and workers affiliated with Servicios CCOO.


The three partners made extensive communication around the course, e.g. CCOO Servicios, used different channels: e-mails to workers in the ITC sector, announcements on their website, social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and their weekly newsletter. As a result, 91 people registered and were invited to the first face to face session (31 October), in which we made a general introduction to the eCF Council project, the course and its evaluation and organisation. 45 people actually attended this session. 20 participants passed the final assessment: 14 on the first date and 6 on the second.

The main reasons for drop-out were the following:

  • In some participants’ opinion the course was too short

  • Some participants had problems in coordinating the course with their jobs

  •  The fact that all the material was in English (all the contents, exercises and the exam).

Partners dedicated virtual sessions and face to face sessions to explaining the objectives of the learning units, adding clarifications on how the course is evaluated, explanations about the exercises (sample exercises and their solution) and questionnaires included in the units. Students raised questions about the evaluation, the exercises and the organisation of the course and practical information. Virtual sessions were recorded and subsequently uploaded on the forum of the course.

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