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e-CF Multistakeholder partnership driving ICT professional up-skilling and pick up of employability

15 December 2015

eCF Council: The EU alliance for ICT professionalism, kicks off in Milan


On December 14 and 15 in Milan (IT), a European consortium composed of industry associations, social partners, representation of Small-Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), public authorities, training institutions and certification bodies, launched the “eCF Council”, the first EU Skills Alliance on ICT professionalism.



Members of the consortium, which will be financially supported by the European Commission until 2018, are organizations that represent ICT professionalism stakeholders in four EU Member States: Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and The Netherlands. Additionally, the eCF Council features recognised EU umbrella associations such as PIN-SME, representative of European digital SMEs, and DIGITALEUROPE, the trade federation of the ICT sector.


The coordination of the eCF Council consortium has been assigned to Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. An accredited employment service agency and vocational training centre, Fondazione is an operational structure of the university Polytechnic of Milan, which acts as a bridge between the academia and the industry.


The e-CF Council is a platform to foster ICT professionalism at European and international level. It aims at increasing employability in order to reduce the e-skills gap in Europe. With the financial support of the EC, under the Erasmus+ program, during the next three years, the e-CF Council will work at developing unified ICT VET programmes and certifications.


The eCF council partnership includes 16 partners:

























Should you require more information or would you require to take part, please contact:


Consortium leader:

Mr. Paolo Vercesi
Fondazione Politecnico di Milano 

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