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A reference scheme for ICT related vocational qualifications

22 June 2016

One of the main difficulties for organisations in finding professionals with the right ICT related skills is the lack of standardisation in the learning outcomes of vocational education. Managers and HR-staff struggle to conclude what professionals are able of, based on the diplomas and certificates mentioned on a resume.

The eCF Alliance aims at developing a standard for ICT related vocational education to enable a better insight of the obtained learning outcomes.

The e-Competence Qualification Profile structure

In the eCF Alliance project one of the work packages (WP3) defines a reference scheme for such a standard, making the learning outcomes explicit in terms of the European standard: the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF).

The main pillar of this reference scheme is a set of so called e-Competence Qualification Profiles. Each profile specifies the outcome of a Learning Unit to obtain a competence defined in the e-CF. It is a high level description of the learning outcomes: what people can do and what knowledge they can use in practice after completing the Learning Unit. Developers of training, modules or courses can use these Learning Units to ensure they are aiming for the right e-CF competences at the right level required for their target audience.


The partners involved in work package 3 are currently finalizing the first 6 of these e-Competence Profiles, based on the priorities resulting from the survey carried out by work package 2.

The e-Competence Qualification Profiles will also enable to link the defined content and learning outcomes of course and trainings to other European standardisation initiatives, such as the Professional Profiles of the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills and ESCO, the European classification of SkillsCompetencesQualifications and Occupations.

The Learning Units that will be developed in more detail by other work packages of the project can be combined and/or integrated in new or existing curricula to enable managers and HR-staff, in the near future, to make a better estimate of the value of diplomas and certificates of ICT related vocational education.

For more information, please contact: 

Lex Hendriks, EXIN

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