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A reference scheme for ICT related vocational qualifications

The ICT market is quickly evolving and ICT competences are increasingly less confined to ICT profiles only. In a recent survey conducted among almost 2000 Management Engineers, graduated in the last ten years at Politecnico di Milano, asking them in which domain of work are they working now, Information Systems comes first followed by three other domains strongly bound to ICT skills. At the same time, they perceive a lack of these skills training during their academic path.

28 June 2016

There are a lot of initiatives in Europe and around the world trying to improve the qualification path and to set standards for both competences, training with their validation. A decade-long work has been done in Europe by VET, research and standardization institutions supported by EU Commission. Today the advanced eCF 3.0 framework is a reality and day by day the necessity to work in more effective multi-stakeholder partnerships grows.

The eCF Council, a SSA EU funded project, aims to build, around the implementation of a VET qualification pilot programme, an enlarged and stable partnership, the eCF Alliance, within European organizations, companies and professionals. The fundamental idea is to include within the eCF Alliance not only ICT related organizations but also other skills alliances, by means of sharing the eCF Council’s pilot training experience with university and higher education, the market’s job matching and careers mobility.

In June 2016, a New Skills Agenda for Europe calls on stakeholders to anticipate the labour market’s needs to increase skill levels. The Commission will launch soon ten actions to improve the skill recognition at local, national and EU levels.

In the Sofia Meeting at the end of June 2016, the 16 partners from the eCF Council will present and discuss the first six working months’ outputs, the result of the ICT professional Transnational Frame and a Reference Scheme for ICT related VET. With the presence of guest speaker Niels der Linden from Capgemini, who will present his company’s state-of-play of the European framework for ICT profession, and also with the presence of Pavol Krempasky, project officer at EACEA, attendees will work to strengthen the partnership and start the actions toward the eCF Alliance.

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