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eCF Alliance project results presented at several workshops


 October 2018 

On September 10-12th, a specialised workshop was organised and conducted by NAVET in Borovets. It was dedicated to widening the instruments, used at development of state educational standards.  Participants were experts from specialized administration of NAVET and experts from “Expert partnership” – a consultancy company (

Workshop in Borovets.

The workshop programme also included the project results presentation of e-CF Alliance and more specifically – of its platform, developed in the 3-year period.  All attendants appraised the high variety of created educational materials. It was proposed that the information, available on the platform, should be used by the experts for actualisation of the state educational standards for the ICT professions.

eCF Alliance project results presented at Teleric Academy


On 13-14th September NAVET’s experts and experts from BASSCOM and ESI,

involved in e-CF project, presented the e-CF Alliance project and E-competence

framework to Teleric Academy in Sofia.

Teleric Academy trains tomorrow’s digital builders – children, students

and young professionals. Their innovative ICT programs inspire

a life-long passion for technologies and learning. They link the education with

the labor market needs and provide IT training that is built according to specific

organisational portfolio of competences.

During the meeting Mr. Pavel Ivanov presented e-Competence Framework and its implementation via the e-CF project. Mr. Svetozar Georgiev appraised the high variety of created learning units based on E-competence Framework. He confirms that they will discuss them with trainers and take into account in their preparation and performance appraisal process.

eCF Alliance project results presented at Center for vocational training “TEZA”

The project results were presented also to Center for vocational training “TEZA” in Sofia which train mainly adult learners in particular IT professionals and develop software products for Sign language interpreters. NAVET experts talked about the state educational standards of professions and how their content affects curriculums in order to be achieved the required learning outcomes.

To summarize, as a key institution in Bulgarian educational system NAVET supervises the activities and assesses the quality of training in licensed institutions in the system of vocational training and develops State educational standards for acquiring professional qualification.


The eCF Alliance project gives us opportunity to show that state institution can be useful partner also for the private companies, which are working in the ICT area (incl. recruitments and selection ICT professionals, training and qualification of ICT experts).




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