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eCF Alliance thanks stakeholders

 October 2018 


While the eCF Alliance is quickly approaching the end, its Stakeholder Committee (SC) is busier than ever.

In the past months, project’s stakeholders provided their evaluation on the open content and the online platform. Strong encouragement to keep the open content and the platform after the life-spam of the project were the main conclusions. All stakeholders agreed that those resources help enhancing learners’ employability and both open content and platform are useful tools for the VET providers as well.

In addition, Stakeholder Committee members took part in the Final Conference, and actively engaged in the debates about the main achievements and future of the eCF Alliance. One of the external SC members - Austėja Trinkūnaitė, the Secretary General of CEPIS - joined the final panel as a moderator.

Although the partners’ pencils are scrabbling the last pages of the final deliverables, the Stakeholder Committee has expressed its commitment to continue their collaboration and open discussions with industry, education providers, national and local governments in the future. While the format of such collaboration still remains open for the discussions – be it ITPE network, a new eCF Alliance 2.0, re-opened CEN Workshsop, or a completely new body, some options will be discussed and available in the public project deliverables 8.3 Operational Governance Model and 9.2 Exploitation Strategy.

The final report which will describe the work of the Stakeholders’ Committee and its results achieved through the duration of the project, will be publicly available by the end of October.

The eCF Alliance thanks the Stakeholders for their work and active engagement!

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