Newsletter N.4

Notes from Paolo Vercesi, eCF Alliance project coordinator

In November, our eCF Council entered its third and last year.

This phase will be the most active and exciting one: our courses are finally piloted in several countries. Our pilot trainings are the first in Europe to be fully e-competences based. Some trainings have already ended, some are ongoing and others are planned.

More e-Competence Learning Units released

The eCF COUNCIL developed four new Learning Unit plans related to the following e-competences, as defined in the European e-Competence Framework: A.3 – Business Plan Development; A.9 – Innovating; B.6 – Systems Engineering; and C.4 – Problem Management.

The eCF Alliance is widely disseminated

In the past months, the eCF Alliance has been presented in several occasions in national and international events by our Spanish partner Universidad de Alcalá.

National Workshops in Italy

The eCF Alliance dissemination activities include the organisation of a number of national workshops, where relevant national stakeholders are gathered and introduced to the project.

Top European experts joining the Stakeholder Committee


Top European experts specializing in ICT skills have joined the ECF Alliance’s Stakeholder Committee to advise the consortium on further developments of the project

The digital skills gap – facts and figures

The European Commission has published on 19 October a comprehensive factsheet on the digital skills gaps. The factsheet summarises existing data on the topic and highlights that in the future 9 in 10 jobs will demand digital skills. At the same time 44% of Europeans are still lacking basic digital skills.

Boosting the digital skills of the next generation of European workers  

The European Commission has launched a special scheme to provide in 2018-2020 transnational work experience in the digital field for up to 6,000 European university students and recent graduates.

Digital Skills Awards 2017: inspiring best practices

During the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Annual Conference” that took place in Brussels on 7 December, the European Commission awarded five outstanding projects which encourage the development of digital skills in Europe.

New European "skill-matching" platform

During the past two years, a project team of mathematicians, software developers, project managers, and marketing specialists has developed OPENSKIMR, an innovative career route planner.

European ICT Professional Profiles  CWA final feedback collecting event

When: January 2018 (tbc)

Where: Brussels





European Industry Day 2018

When:22-23 February 2018

Where: Brussels


 Save the Date 

Digitising European Industry Stakeholder Forum 2018

When: 27-18 March 2018

Where: Paris-Nord, Villepinte 




All Digital Week 2018

When: 19-25 March 2018

Where: Brussels