Newsletter N.6

Notes from Paolo Vercesi, eCF Alliance project coordinator

The eCF Council experience is in its conclusion phase, most of the tasks have been accomplished and the Final Conference took place on 11th October in Brussels.

Final Conference of the eCF Alliance project

With the objective of promoting a common reference scheme for vocational qualifications and certification the final conference of the eCF Alliance project took place on 11 October in Brussels.

The conference was a unique occasion to present the main outcomes of the eCF Council project, implemented in 2015–18 under the Erasmus+ Programme (Sector Skills Alliances) and gathered the major players responsible for IT professionals’ enhancement across Europe.


Highlighting the e-CF in practice

On October 11th, the Final Conference of the e-CF Alliance was held in Brussels, marking the end of a three year-long project. The event highlighted the potential of the e-CF in organisations to grow their digital potential, as well as it showed examples of incorporating it in education and training programmes.


eCF Alliance project results presented at workshop

On September 10-12th, a specialised workshop was organised and conducted by NAVET in Borovets. It was dedicated to widening the instruments,

used at development of state educational standards.  

Participants were experts from specialized administration of NAVET

and experts from “Expert partnership” – a consultancy company



eCF Alliance thanks stakeholders

While the eCF Alliance is quickly approaching the end, its Stakeholder Committee (SC) is busier than ever. In the past months, project’s stakeholders provided their evaluation on the open content and the online platform. Strong encouragement to keep the open content and the platform after the life-spam of the project were the main conclusions.


eCF Alliance turns paper into reality

Over the past year the eCF Alliance has been working pilots based on eCF 3.0 in the real world. Real courses, real participants, real feedback. 5 courses were developed, with over 200 students participated (the plan was only 100). Everybody involved learned a lot.

Having some feet on the ground and testing the eCF with students of different levels and from different cultures and countries is the best way to see if and how the eCF might become a success. 


eCF Alliance prospects on sustainability

The eCF Alliance project has been a pioneer in connecting the well-known standard framework EN16234, commonly known as e-CF (e-Competence Framework), with the generation of specific courses for its competences.

The best example of the practical implementation of the approach have been the courses developed by partners and checked in pilot learning paths with practitioners who attended them and finally earned their certification diploma.


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