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Notes from Paolo Vercesi, eCF Council project coordinator

October 2018

The eCF Council experience is in its conclusion phase, most of the tasks have been accomplished and the Final Conference took place on 11th October in Brussels.

The training pilots are concluded with around 150 trainees certificated. Partners met stakeholders during National workshops, the last one took place in Italy in September, and got their contributions and suggestions for the future of the eCF Alliance.


Training by competence is for sure a powerful tool, especially for vocational training, as professionals often need to assess specific competences acquired on the job or sometimes they need to complete their training path adding single educational bricks to their curricula.


According to the latest Digital Economy and Society Index, still 44% of Europeans, in between 16 and 74 years old, do not have basic digital skills. Moreover, younger ICT workers need employment opportunities and the e-competence based training is a great solution if it leads to a recognised certification. If certified, the ICT competence becomes interesting for companies and should be supported by public authorities’ endorsement and funding within employment policies.


See what happened in Brussels during the conference

of 11th October.

See more videos at the eCF Alliance YouTube channel.

Paolo Vercesi

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